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Demystifying Digital Marketing Myths - 2019
Monday 15th July 2019

Demystifying Digital Marketing Myths - 2019

Digital Marketing is as much about making an online presence as much as it is about reaching the right set of audience. As we are sitting in digital era of 2019, every enterprise, small or big, must pursue a robust digital marketing strategy to generate more revenue and profit for its business. Unlike any other traditional marketing methods, digital marketing has a very wider scope & is measurable in both the key important parameter of quality & quantity.

Let us look at each:

It will not give instant results: The biggest myth attached to digital Marketing is that it cannot give instant results. We cannot deny that it gives an opportunity for businesses to reach out to the right prospects instantly. Making a profit or generating revenue by reaching out to right prospects certainly isn’t a far-fetched dream. It depends largely upon how businesses quantify results and what exactly they measure; presence, existence, engagement, revenue, or the number of visitors. Once they have a stark clarity, it becomes easy to understand that depending upon the objective it may take some time for achieving the right kind of result but surely they can be achieved.

It is only meant for big enterprises: One common myth that prevails is Digital Marketing is only for bigger businesses, which have a huge marketing budget and a very large bandwidth to serve customers. This is a myth, DM is for all types of business, from small mom and pop stores to big conglomerates. Although a lot depends upon the customer’s budget and aspirations, it has something for everyone. The objective can be different, while the smaller ones can harness digital marketing to create immediate leads & make their presence felt through Social Media, on the other hand, the bigger ones may target brand building, brand positioning & brand recall.

SEO won’t take you on the first page: SEO is science more than an art, and there is a lot to get uncovered on the concept of SEO. For a typical customer, SEO is a slow & time-consuming process & truly it is. But taking short cuts like using Black hat SEO may result in permanent loss of ranking of your webpage, while white hat SEO done in right away will bring results for you in the long run. However, the truth is that only SEO will not help, there are several other factors like website speed, content, user engagement, etc will also determine

My competitors are not on SM, why should I: Social Media is one of the most integral parts of Digital Marketing, but the customers think that if their competitors are not making use of SM platforms, why should we. In fact, the sooner you will become Social media king the more it will help you.

My customers are not tech-savvy: It is true that not all end-users are tech-savvy, or they might not have access to the internet. However, this should not limit a customer to restrict himself from making use of Digital Marketing. Instead, it can be a golden chance for the businesses to educate its end-users about the use of technology and add value in their life. It has a two-fold benefit, one; the end-user becomes knowledgeable and second, it generates more traffic and eventually more profit for the business owners in the long run.

Traditional marketing is no more required: While DM has a lot of benefits and it is a cheaper option as compared to the traditional marketing channel, but, solely depending upon Digital Marketing cannot be a good strategy. Traditional Marketing has its own advantages. It is more people to people, therefore, more reliable & is helpful in having immediate feedback. A mix of both digital marketing and traditional marketing is a win-win situation for organizations.

Only to be present on certain platforms: Most businesses think that it isn’t necessary to be present on all social media platforms, regardless of whether their customers use the platform or not. This is a myth because although social media presence matters and when planned meticulously, adds to a significant amount of annual revenue, it is advisable to make use of all available platforms where you think your customers are present or may come in future. Facebook is more of an “Exploring’ platform and LinkedIn is an ‘Informative’ and as well as professional relationship platform. Every platform has its own key niche audience and therefore, it is very important to be present on all platforms.

Digital Marketing is now a new way of marketing for future businesses & those who want to build a brand over a few years from today onwards, the most determining factor to use digital marketing platforms & tools is to have clearly defined short-term and long-term business objectives and then digital marketing strategies for organizations benefit and future growth

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