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How brands should drive engagement on LinkedIn
Wednesday 15th July 2020

How brands should drive engagement on LinkedIn


“Portfolio - check 

Company website - Check 

Brands - Check

Engagement on LinkedIn? - unaddressed!”


We all tend to underestimate the power of LinkedIn. We have taken things so lightly that the ‘heavy’ progress is not embracing us at all. Being regularly active on LinkedIn will not only fetch you more connection, but also genuine content will provide you with real customers.

Brand engagement on LinkedIn is the holy grail. LinkedIn has over half a billion users, and about half that number log in every single month.


It gets better– over 61 million users are senior-level influencers, and 40 million are in decision-making positions.


What’s more, the network is known for being a useful spot for acquisition, retention, and recruitment. If you use it right, LinkedIn can help you get in front of the right people.


But to get their interest, you need to show them what you’ve got.


In this article, we are going to share five secrets to better brand engagement on LinkedIn so that you can get in front of the people who need to know about you.


Thrilling LinkedIn Statistics


● 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a content distribution channel, compared to Twitter at 89%, Facebook and YouTube at 77%, and Google+ at 61%.

● Over half of all social traffic to B2B sites comes from LinkedIn.

● 91% of marketing executives list LinkedIn as the top place to find quality content.


Now we have realized that LinkedIn is a potential goldmine for your brand, the question that arises is how to improve your engagement.


We are sharing with you a few tips to improve your brand engagement on LinkedIn.

1. A message in an image.


People compromise in hard work, people compromise in quality, but the same people seek no compromise in results. And then guess where they will lead? Low responses, lousy reputation, zero respect becomes their forte. When you are on LinkedIn, try conveying a powerful message in an image. Also, dare you to compromise with the resolution of the picture.


You should not be surprised that the images you use on a LinkedIn post affect the engagement of about 98%! If you are confused about how to create an image, then visit “salt”. Salt is a brand that knows how to do LinkedIn images; it is also a great source of inspiration. They use high-quality images and are relevant, branded, therefore meets the requirement of LinkedIn.

2. Articles - to be published regularly


If you are serious about improving your engagement on LinkedIn, then publishing articles and placing your views will image you as a perfect leader on LinkedIn, this will attract people to your post. Monitoring the engagement on your posts can give you some real insights into your target audience. For example, article stats will tell you:

● The geographical areas your visitors are from

● Which companies your viewers work at

● The titles of viewers

● How they found your article


If you’re publishing your article, ensure that you add links and make profound use of hashtags. Get your page boosting up with the magic of words on LinkedIn.

3. Encourage Employee Advocacy


It’s all about professional networking, recruitment, and employee stories on LinkedIn. So why aren’t you publishing any?


If your brand is busy promoting its products and services and ignoring employees, you’ll be missing out on vital engagement. LinkedIn posts that feature employees or employee stories have always generated high engagement rates.


The content of your employee’s posts matters a lot. Sharing cat pics and morning selfies won’t help. Your employee posts must be on-brand and should showcase your work culture. Some posts you could consider to maximize engagement on LinkedIn are:


● Team interviews

● Employee awards or achievements

● Charity events attended by your team

● Work parties or training sessions


4. Add Video to Your Content Mix


Since it was launched in 2002, LinkedIn has been viewed as the go-to channel for business professionals. But in the past LinkedIn was heavily criticized by social media managers for not including video. As it’s competitors like Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitter/Periscope videos were already way ahead in this field. However, LinkedIn has finally caught up with its competitors. Now brands can connect with followers via engaging videos. Here are some of the ways you can use video through your company page:


● Invite your followers into your office for a tour

● Demo your latest product

● Film your company party or awards ceremony

● Share words of wisdom from your team

● Introduce new team members


The LinkedIn video has been gaining popularity amongst marketers, and it all boils right down to engagement– 38% of marketers have published video content on LinkedIn. Of those, one-third believe it’s an effective strategy. Not just the marketers, the buyers love it too - 84% of buyers reported that watching the brand’s video had convinced them to buy it.


Video ranks highly in LinkedIn’s algorithm; this is important because it means that your video content is more likely to reach the top of a person’s feed. That means better engagement with the right people.


And the right content always gets more views and also gets easily shared, boosting your engagement and fan count. Another essential thing to note is that many LinkedIn users browse the network within their workplace, which means the video will be muted and unopened.


Hence it is essential to keep in mind that a video containing annotated text is more likely to deliver the message to the users. With relevant topics, well-produced videos, and short descriptions, your brand will surely rock video engagement on LinkedIn.

5. Get Your Timing Right

One of the explanations for poor engagement on LinkedIn is simply that your target audience is not seeing your posts. 


LinkedIn is a business site and is one of the only social media networks that employees are allowed to use during the working day. Business networking differs from general social networking. Business networks are mostly tunned by users in between Monday and Friday and switch off at weekends.


The stats show that within the time-frame of Monday and Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days for high engagement, this is most Probable because Monday is a busy setup day and Friday is a wind-down day.


Here is what the stats show:


● Highest clicks and shares: Tuesdays, 11 AM-12 PM.

● Lowest Engagement: Sleeping hours (10 PM-6 AM)

● Best Time to post: 10-12 AM; 5-6 PM.

● The peak time of use: noon; 5-6 PM.


Target your posts to your user’s time zone and not to yours. If you’re based within the USA, but you are most likely to reach Europeans if the posts go out during their peak hours. Agorapulse lets you schedule updates on all your channels that go live when you want them to even while you’re sleeping!


All the successful brands ensure that their LinkedIn updates appear in user feeds at the right times. They also maintain a series of brand pages tailored to different regions. If you’re a large corporation or need to publish in various languages and time zones, this is the way forward.

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